replacing the display of your iAudio X5

well i ruined my display and finally was able to get a new one.

the X5

since i thought it was no biggie to replace myself i started disassembling my X5.

step 1

after opening the next step was removing the hard drive.

step 2

i had to complety remove everything to reach the display.

disassembled X5

the replacement display in place i put it together to check if it worked. i wasn’t carefull enough so i had to solder the battery cable back on, because i accidentally tore it off (so be careful if you plan on doing something like this too).

and when i turned on the device the backlight seemed to work but my display didn’t. :(

testing the display

looks like i’m gonna have to send it in for repair anyway since the display controller seems to be broken too. always fun to look into electronic devices though ;)

5 thoughts on “replacing the display of your iAudio X5

  1. Hi Munzli,

    As you seem to be expert at disassembling the iAudio X5 I’ve got a question.

    The Headphone connector of my X5 has got a pretty big blow and know I only get only mono from the left side…

    So I what to disassemble it and have look.
    I’ve got a problem that I cannot seem to get the HD and circuit board out. On your pictures it looks you took away some of the grey body.

    Have a look at the flickr picture that I enclosed with this message.

    I hope you can give me tips!!! Thanks in advance!

    Regards from Amsterdam The Netherlands, Tiemen Harte

  2. Hi!

    May I ask where you got your new display? I’ve broken mine also, and I would realy like to know from where you got your new display.


  3. Hello, I have the very same problem as Palme.

    Could you tell my where can I find the display? I don’t know were to by it. By the way, I live in Spain.

    Thanks in advance.

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