disable HTTP cache cleaner notification for KDE apps on gnome

if you keep getting the annoying “Launching HTTP Cache Cleaner” in the panel on ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex while running amaroK or other KDE apps you’ll need the new kde4 systemsettings manager to hide this.

to get this to work just type:
sudo apt-get install kdebase-workspace-bin systemsettings

and then run

then this windows should popup

then click on desktop and you’ll see the notifications

Desktop Notifications

just uncheck the “enable taskbar notification” part and you’re done!

for those who don’t want to install this stuff you can also just edit the file:

and set

mine looks like this:



[edit #2]
somehow this doesn’t quite work as good as i thought. you might want to check the ubuntu bug for updates.

3 thoughts on “disable HTTP cache cleaner notification for KDE apps on gnome

  1. Mmmm… de alguna manera me parece un exceso (en mi caso) tener que descargar 27.4mb de archivos nuevos simplemente para que no aparezca esta ventanita (que la verdad, aunque molesta solo sale una que otra vez durante mi sesión)…

  2. Ooops, was thinking in spanish instead of english… sorry… what I meant to say was that in my case, it seems a bit overkill to have to download 27.4mb of files just for this popup (which doesn’t appear that often either) to dissapear… ;)

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