cue/flac file splitting

i received a lossless CD that was encoded in FLAC with a cue file. which means it’s one big file and since my old MP3 player does understand FLAC i still wasn’t able to play one song out of many because cue files aren’t supported.

here’s how you can split them into seperate files

install shntool and flac cli tools

sudo apt-get install shntool flac

then just use cat and shnsplit to split the file and create correct file names:

cat file.cue | shnsplit -o flac -t "%n-%t" file.flac

this will output the tracks as “tracknumber-trackname.flac”

if you also install vorbis-tools you can easily create ogg files almost the same way

cat file.cue | shnsplit -o "cust ext=ogg oggenc -q 6 -o %f -" -t "%n-%t" file.flac

(using a quality setting of 6)

and at last create the tags for the files like this

cuetag file.cue *.flac


cuetag file.cue *.ogg


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